Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who Do You Owe your Sucess to?

          I can relate to Richard Rodriguez’s ‘The Achievement of Desire”. I can also disagree with him in different terms. Initially, I was not a bright person. As a child I had ADD, I was out of control, I had delays in my growth and social development. I had no idea just how out of control I was. I went to many therapy sessions, early intervention programs, and special education. My mom (really my dad’s second cousin) was very involved with me and so was the rest of the family. Her love, strength and, determination proved to be highly motivational and powerful.

         The family felt a need to help me because they did not want me to end up in a terrible position or to suffer like my brothers. To this day, I wish I would be able to thank my mom for everything she did for me. One day, I stumbled upon paper work from the early years of my life. I read about all the problems I had and the problems I gave my family. I also read about how devoted my mom was and how my family gave their fullest attention. There were also some instances when observers would note that although I did not listen most of the time, I had my own unique way of doing activities. They said I was very friendly as well even if I did not play with other children.

       I feel that if your family is involved in your life, that you have a greater confidence and motivation to do your best. Of course when she passed away I felt a great sense of emptiness. I began to under achieve and lose trust in people. I locked myself away in my room and distanced myself from my family. I was again unable to socialize up until I entered the seventh grade. My teachers nurtured me and I trusted myself more. I was able to make some friends and achieve so much in only two years!

        When I entered high school, I again became better at my social skills and a lot better in academics. Still, I put my studies first and stay up late to finish projects. I also needed my sister and her husband to take me to debate competitions and pick me up from practices. They went through a lot to help me but, when I got my awards, I did not feel like they appreciated all the work I put in.

       I know that if my family were not around to help me, then I surely would not be successful. You are not successful on your own because you need people in your life to make things possible. This is where I disagree with Rodriguez. Even if I did isolate myself and my family made fun of me or get angry for me studying so much, I know that they only wanted me to not forget about them. When you involve your family with what you do and not make them feel bad, then they understand why.

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