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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why is always the best question because it is the most difficult to answer!

So, what is the rant of the day? There is a new wave trend that says that there is a disorder called orthorexia. It is believed to be a disorder of eating overly healthy. Those with the disorder are claimed to be people who avoid processed and seemingly unhealthy foods. This is a story I saw on Yahoo news. I think this is false.

How can avoiding unhealthy processed foods a bad thing, or even a disorder? This is most likely an attempt control how people eat. I believe the real sickness here is not realizing that we have choices in what we choose to eat. How could the consumption of processed foods not be considered a bad thing? This is because it feeds the disorder of mankind.

The disorder is the sacrifice that the wealthy take on the weak and the innocent. Who is the wealthy? The wealthy are the big companies that keep filling the Earth with destruction. They want us to continue to consume food that we are clueless of their effects. There are many things that we eat that are processed in which we have no control of what is being put into them. If we really think carefully, we have never had a choice as to what we can eat. This is because we do not choose what goes in and what stays out. So called healthful fruit juices are not what they claim to be. Many of them actually contain the enemy: high fructose corn syrup. So if you think you are in so called control of your diet, you are most certainly not.

So what is the deal with obesity? What is it? While it is the disorder of over eating, it is not the disorder of eating processed food. There are many reasons why eating that type of food is dangerous, but there has not been a real categorized disorder that says that. Why? Because it disrupts the order in which these big companies make their money. Why is supposed “over” healthy eating bad categorized? Well, so that people can get their supposed “treatment” for an illness that is not real. Rather, it is an excuse so that people can go on medication (the solution to rebellious disorganization) and visit doctors. I am sure that is an exaggeration of the situation and it is far too young a battle to determine whether or not to believe this. All in all, I think this is a fake and that it is a scam to get people to eat more of the things they shouldn’t.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fake Haikus

Day lily

Lily, where are you
I saw you weeping tonight
All alone, dying

Douglass Fir

Prickly Friend of mine
Speaking tall and silently
I, your gentle muse


I saw a soft trap
Hoping, I look to the sun
A most breathless dream

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Insanity

From birth
Love fades, mother nurture is forever in the sky.
My body separates from reality
And I live in a question mark,
Wondering about my existence.

Trapped in a lonely world with ceaseless voices, echos, and cries,
The mind wanders to places I never hoped to cross.
Suppressed life within the self becomes a being within a being.
How can one begin to be sane, when all humanity impatiently counts the milliseconds that you take in formulating incomplete thoughts.
Am I alive?

Working on a new research paper...what do you think?

The CPS Student Code of Conduct has enforced a punitive approach to handling delinquency in schools since 1998. But, what exactly is considered delinquent behavior in CPS? Many offenses considered delinquent are often minor, such include: swearing, uniform infractions, frequent tardiness, and the like. Though these offenses can be considered as disruptive to the school community and possibly the safety of students, they can also be resolved through peer jury. Another restorative justice approach that can accompany peer jury is peace circles. Peace circles consist of, but are not limited to, students who volunteer to gather together with teachers and members of community organizations who help administer discussions about various issues pertinent to the area, school, and individuals. Students take turns using a talking piece to talk about a topic or answer a question that was presented by the facilitator. Students are able to connect with their peers, and express their concern for issues without worrying about being wrong. Participants of peace circles are also free to propose possible solutions for problems in their school such as: inviting parents for discussions, asking security guards to listen to students, or going to classrooms to encourage their peers to speak out.

Though the CPS Student Code of Conduct has been revised to adopt restorative justice as an option for misconduct, it is still not properly enforced to effectively serve students. There are roadblocks that limit the influence of progressive coalitions like the High H.O.P.E.S Campaign that have worked excessively to represent the juvenile justice system and restorative justice programs. On April 2, 2011, the coalition invited Mary Richardson- Lowry, President of CPS Board of Education to Roosevelt University to endorse their campaign. However, Lowry denied ever receiving any of the information about their cause and the actual endorsement sheet.

Mary Richardson- Lowry

So, how did the public meeting at Roosevelt University go today? Not great. CPS President Mary Richardson- Lowry showed up, but made an excuse for not endorsing the High HOPES Campaign. She said that she received none of the Campaign's informational materials. However many of her representatives stated that she, in fact, DID receive the materials. So what is the problem? Power. She would rather sacrifice the education of thousands to the "school to prison pipeline" rather than supporting a cause. What is next? Well,it will not end here; CPS has not seen the last of this. Please support the movement!