Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What is the Opposite of Becoming?

This is a question Krishnamurti has sparked into my mind. Also, how can we live in a world with no fear? How can you take out the things in society that conjure up the fears we have? How can you approach the issue of wanting to change society. Is the world is so comfortable with where their life stands? Obviously not but, why not try to make a change? Are we waiting for some miracle or being with the guts to do such a drastic thing? The reason is because of FEAR and Krishnamurti is absolutely correct. People's lives are embedded with fears and threats of what will happen if you do something viewed as unacceptable in today's society. Even if this was the case, things do exist that spark debate and backlash. Some do have the gut to change what they think should be rebelled against or fixed. So what not suggest or strive for a change that we all need if it is indeed important? Is it too radical? These people who want to deviate from societies supposed “norms” are feared. People are more powerful than they realize. The government fears people that rebel and try to change order that they have decided is correct.

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