Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your Hand can fall off!

I believe writing helps you think. It helps you understand other points of view and develop a sense of creativity. I personally do not like to write because the thought process has to be concise and carefully planned. Not my specialty or style. I do like to think about things and often times my ideas come best when I talk to myself. Well, my thoughts on writing are that it is a great way to show your life experiences and unravel your mind. Writing can be personal and specifically important to you and/or can speak to others in the same way it speaks to you. My writing has improved along with my reading but, I am always learning something new about the way you choose to tell a story and what you want it to say. Works of writing are like people. They display feeling and are expressive in their imagery. They are works of art if you want them to be.
So far I have not changed my attitude about writing. I find it irritating and tedious. I would rather talk than make my hand meet the writing utensil and thus meet a white paper. That is not my cup of tea. Do not misjudge me just yet. I can write some very nice pieces if I wanted to but I do not have patience to do that. I, like Professor Sheldon, am a slow writer. I can think up things that can blow your mind. Things that can make the CIA want to kill me but alas, I keep my thoughts to myself. I am my best secret keeper, confider, and friend when there is not one else. I love very colorful and clever writing. I don't like to hear a laundry list of a detailed process someone took to get to where they want their focus on unless it is vital. I am not too big on details of everything the last ribbon on Aunt Lucy's dress that she got on sale at some store. That drags and takes the limelight from the things that need to show us the message.
An author that really got me thinking about writing, literary devices, culture/identity, and impacting messages was Toni Morrison. I love this woman and I would love and would be honored to meet her. I read Song of Solomon and it was a real, lovely, groundbreaking and amazingly touching book that I had ever read. Writing like hers has given me a desire to write in her clever way. She uses literary devices consistently and wonderfully! My senior AP English teacher Mrs. Mooney taught me very great things about writing and its power. The words you spill out on paper themselves tell a story. You pour your feelings and experiences at the moment you are giddy and know what you want to say. Writing is a work of endurance. Sometimes writing doesn't have to be about what you say but, about what you went through to get there and all the time you invested into it.

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