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Friday, July 15, 2011

Fellow Potter fans (and enemies),

I, and many others, cannot believe that Harry Potter has come to an end. It is not really the end. Remember, he is still around in places you do not expect. I say this because Harry Potter is not just fiction, it is not only a book and a movie. It is a very fantastic story, going way beyond extraordinary and entertaining. It is real.

I have grown up with Harry Potter, movies and books. He and his friends have done things, seen things,lived things (fictionally, yes.) that those who are the same age would never dream of doing. I believe that the message shined by Ms. Rowling's brilliant and touching gift is phenomenal. She has created a marvelous and very different world. While the magical aspect of the books speak a foreign language, the themes, motifs, symbolism, parallels, and lessons are ones we can understand.

It takes a lot more effort to truly understand this, and a lot less to discredit a work of art that has rightfully earned praise, love, and respect from people young and old. Harry's story is one of courage, endurance, struggle, love, sacrifice, loyalty, determination, strength, and unity.

Clearly, this story is not only for one to escape from everyday horrors, daunting tasks, or sadness. It is a beautiful story that shows us that we are not alone. The negativity in life is undeniably inescapable, but we can act against it. We can change the course of bad energy, one step at a time, but in honest faith. J.K Rowling wrote this story for a reason, and a very good one. To let us ALL know that it is never too late to be the change we want to see.

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