Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ghost Human: Part I.I

Hello? Is anyone here? You don't hear me, I just know it.

Did you hear me? I knew you wouldn't, no one does. I am like a ghost among humans, yet I have gone to more dimensions than humans can ever imagine. That's not why I am telling this story however. I am, or at least mortals have called me, Lavinia. You may be wondering what all this fuss is about and why I have not moved on. Patience is the essence here, so please do not interrupt.

I was sitting on the pavement one breezy August day, when I heard rustling near the trees. I of course would never be seen. For, you see, I am not like common folk. My perception of the outside world is that everyone is wasting their time on useless things that only worsen our world. I lead a life of thought. I walk among others, but I scrutinize everything. I am always silent, but have more to say than one can think. Anyway,I noticed that the noise was actually a person, a young man.

He was extremely handsome behind his inquiring facade. He had dreamy, but fierce sea-green vision portals. His honey brown hair waved gently in the tickling breeze. But, I jumped up quickly shooing away my invisible mystification clouds.

"What are you doing?" his voice inquired.

I tumble clumsily in a pile of leaves. He comes to me, with his hand reaching for mine. I swat his hand back.

"Who are you? What do you want; I have to be dreaming," I said hopelessly. "Come now, why have you just appeared out of thin air like this? Don't you know it is a wretched thing to do!"

He raised his hand to my lips to silence me. He sat down beside me, like an old friend.

"So, you can see me too...

To be continued.....

*Do you want more? Please offer some suggestions. And, yes, there will be more.

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